Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The past 9 months

Over the past 9 months BowSheep has been very busy on the home front. In July we waved goodbye (or as we like to say see you soon) to our best friend and business partner Hannah. Her family was offered an amazing opportunity in California; and we’re very excited to help Hannah introduce BowSheep to the west coast!
On August 14, 2011 we welcomed Gracyn to the BowSheep family.
On September 02, 2011 we welcomed Oliver to the BowSheep family.
On December 22, 2011 we welcomed Theodore to the BowSheep family.
To say the least it’s been a busy 9 months especially now that we each have a new little one in our families, but we’re very excited to get back to business! We want to thank our customers for your constant support, love, and patience during our time of transition. We’re in the process of launching our summer line and hope to have our website up and running by mid to late May!
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