Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Products

BowSheep is constantly creating and inventing the way we do bows and accessories. Each bow is handmade and considered a "specialty bow" meaning most of the designs we create are unique with our own special touch. Each bow is made with quality materials and we test them to make sure they stay in fine hair for babies and in hair for ladies. Our business consists of 3 designers with different perspectives and styles so that we can keep adding to our collections. Each collection is named after our own little one Lilah, Remy, and Ella. Below you will see some designs of our bows that serve as examples of what types of bows we do. We have so many different designs that are not pictured here but this is a taste of what we do. We love custom orders as well! We've done flowergirl daisy hairbows (for a wedding) and christening bows to funky hardcore grenade bows in the past!

Visit our online store at to see which designs you can buy now!

Below is a link to our brochure that summarizes all our product lines. Please click on the link below to view it as a PDF format.
Brochure for BowSheep

Our Packaging

Below are more pictures and images from each product line.

We have newborns, infants & toddlers, and adults wearing our bows. Below are some of our bows being modeled. We were lucky enough to have a newborn baby model one of our bows from our newborn baby line called BowLamb! We create the bows with a special backing that you use with a syrup type glue (made out of all natural ingredients, safe, nontoxic, and washes easily off with water). Your baby doesn't even have to have hair to wear these!

This slideshow below was done by Katelafait Photography

A slideshow of recent designs and some Holiday bows!

Ribbon designs

Fall Fabrics and Halloween Bows

Felt and Crocheted Designs (our Winter bows)

These slideshows are some examples of our Spring and Summer bows.

The BlackSheep line has fun skulls and animal print bows!

The SportySheep line

Ask us to make custom colored bows with footballs, basketballs, etc. in your favorite team colors! We've sold these to sports fanatics not just babies :)

Rococo is the label we have for our accessories line for women including brooches, bridal, and hair accessories. Below are some sample product pictures.

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